Taylor and Francis Awards

Taylor & Francis Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Foundations of Education

Van Dempsey

Stacy Lee

George Noblit

Cynthia B. Dillard (Nana Mansa II of Mpeasem, Ghana, West Africa), Mary Frances Early Professor in Teacher Education in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice, The University of Georgia

Joel Spring, Professor Emeritus, Queens College and The Graduate Center, City University of New York

Taylor & Francis Educational Studies Award for Best Paper of the Year

2022 (Volume 58)
Linda M. Pheng, & Choua P. Xiong, "What is Social Justice Research for Asian Americans? Critical Reflections on Cross-Racial and Cross-Ethnic Coalition Building in Community-based Educational Spaces" Educational Studies. Volume 58, Issue 3.

2021 (Volume 57)
Damaris C. Dunn, Alex Chisholm, Elizabeth Spaulding, & Bettina L. Love, "A Radical Doctrine: Abolitionist Education in Hard Times" Educational Studies. Volume 57, Issue 3.

2020 (Volume 56)
Boni Wozolek, "Hidden Curriculum of Violence: Affect, Power, and Policing the Body" Educational Studies. Volume 56, Issue 3.

2019 (Volume 55)
Michael V. Singh, "Refusing the Performance: Disrupting Popular Discourses Surrounding Latino Male Teachers and the Possibility of Disidentification." Educational Studies. Volume 55, Issue 1.

2018 (Volume 54)
Elizabeth Chase, "Time, Third Space, and the Counternarratives of Achievement for Young Mothers in High School." Educational Studies. Volume 54, Issue 3.

2017 (Volume 53)
Erika C. Bullock, "Only STEM Can Save Us? Examining Race, Place, and STEM Education as Property." Educational Studies. Volume 53, Issue 6.

2016 (Volume 52)
Ramona Fruja and Kevin Roxas, "Multicultural Education and Newcomer Youth: Re-Imagining a More Inclusive Vision for Immigrant and Refugee Students." Educational Studies. Volume 52, Issue 2.

2015 (Volume 51)
Edward Brockenbrough. "Queer of Color Agency in Educational Contexts: Analytic Frameworks from a Queer of Color Critique."
Educational Studies. Volume 51, Issue 1.

2014 (Volume 50)
Dolores Calderon. “Uncovering Settler Grammars in Curriculum,” in Educational Studies Special Issue: De/colonizing, (Post)(Anti)Colonial, and Indigenous Education, Studies, and Theories."
Educational Studies. Volume 50, Issue 4.

Taylor & Francis Past President's Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Research

2020 Awardee

  • Nora Devlin, Rutgers University, "Making (Ourselves) Whole: Taking a Healing Orientation When Studying Higher Education Court Cases"

2018 Awardees

  • Jennifer Bethune, York University, "Meeting the citizens of the future in the present: A case for disagreeing"
  • Jungmin Kwon, Teachers College, Columbia University, "Moving across linguistic, cultural, and geographic boundaries: A multi-sited ethnographic case study of immigrant children"

2017 Awardees

  • Ana Carolina Fernandes de Bessa Antunes, University of Utah, "Memory of home and Islam in the curriculum"
  • Nicole Capriel Ferry, Washington State University-Pullman, "Making everyone a leader: Rethinking leadership development practices and research in higher education"
  • Dian Mitrayani, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, "Challenging the memory of Ibuism: Young women's participation and leadership in a children's rights organization in Indonesia"
  • Gardner Seawright, University of Utah, "Whiteness, ambiguity and the phenomenology of observing race"
  • Honorable Mention: Graham Slater, University of Utah, "Neoliberalism, surplus life, and political economy of excess in education"

2016 Awardees

  • Elizabeth J. Bowers Cook, University of Texas, San Antonio, "Black faces in brown spaces: Black women graduate students at Hispanic serving institutions in the South"
  • Kari Dockendorff, University of Utah, "Centering trans* and non-binary students in higher education: Exploring campus policies that allow students to change their name, gender and pronouns"
  • Sam Stiegler, University of British Columbia, "Going-along with trans, queer, and genderqueer youth: An ethnography of the everyday"
  • Lauren Ware, University of Virginia, "The solidarity network: Policy mobility and cultural change in U.S. teachers’ unions"


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