AESA strives to foster accessible spaces that enable all individuals to engage fully during the Annual conference. The Accessibility Specialist can help identify if current resources will meaningfully support your access needs or if additional accommodations are necessary. Examples of accommodation requests include ASL interpreters, accessibility devices, sensory room, alternative document formats, etc.

Everyone who is interested in attending the AESA Conference is welcome to seek accommodations at any time in preparation for the meeting, but please keep in mind that requests will most effectively be supported if they are submitted as soon as possible, and where possible, before October 12, 2023 (attendees).

At any point that you recognize the need to request accommodations for the conference, please follow the process described below to do so. You are not required to disclose your disability or identity status, but are welcome to do so if you believe this information will influence the later discussion surrounding your access needs and/or accommodation requests.

You may request accommodations in the following ways:

  • Fill out Google Form
  • Message accessibility coordinator, Lalenja Harrington, at Please include “AESA 2023 accommodation” in the subject line, and provide the information you believe is most important to receiving the best support possible in the message text.
  • Make request on day of conference at registration (supports may not be able to provided as fully)

The AESA Accessibility Specialist will follow up with you, whether you requested accommodations via the Google Form, or email. In this follow up, they will discuss your needs and identify the best plan moving forward to provide your accommodations. Some accommodations may require that the Coordinator requests your desired conference schedule to provide the appropriate accommodations. Time changes onsite are accommodated as resources permit, but cannot be guaranteed.

The AESA Accessibility Specialist or another AESA Staff Member will meet you at the onsite registration table and review your accommodations with you and ensure you have access to the supports you need.

If during the meeting you have any questions, comments, or concerns related to any accessibility practices or your accommodations, please feel free to text the Accessibility Coordinator, Lalenja Harrington at 336-324-0795 or contact them at


Thank You to Our 2022-23 Institutional Members